Our Goals

We aim to ensure that disadvantaged young people from low socio-economic, CALD, refugee or migrant backgrounds facing challenges of disengagement, generational unemployment and welfare dependency are supported and have a strong foundation to build their futures.

Youth Collective Impact Team Journey Programs (Download PDF)

SWC Info Sheet [PDF Download]



Through our collaboration and established networks across the education, business and community sectors, we have created over 100 sustainable initiatives that address health and wellbeing, youth unemployment, employability skills, transition and pathway options that will allow young people to become economic, social and civic contributors in their community.

When young people feel empowered, inspired and motivated to achieve their goals, and are provided with appropriate skills and resources, they will focus their time and energy on achieving their goals regardless of their background or the adversity they previously faced as evidenced by the many success stories within our community over the years.



We take this opportunity to thank schools, businesses, community organisations, volunteers and participants for their contribution towards a better future for the youth in our region. If you or your organisation would like to know more about our initiatives, or if you can provide any assistance with current projects, or even a new project proposal to help our local youth, please contact us.