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SWC Collaboration with Australian Museum

South West Connect’s exciting collaboration with Australian Museum

SWC have delivered a range of Transition to High School programs over the years, and building on the success, SWC and the Australian Museum (AM) are co-facilitating a high school transition program scheduled for December 2023 at the Museum!

This program will bring 100 Year 6 students, particularly from refugee backgrounds in South West Sydney, on an aspirational city tour. The visit to the AM will include an educational session led by their First Nations team and SWC, focusing on essential skills for transitioning to high school such as self-confidence, goal setting, and teamwork. Additionally, students will explore the museum’s diverse collections, gaining insights into Australian and Pacific history, culture, and science, all led by Australian and Pasifika identities. 

This initiative aims to bolster students’ sense of identity, belonging, and aspiration, while nurturing their curiosity and critical thinking. The goal is to inspire them to pursue their interests and embrace the opportunities high school and beyond offer.

Wansolmoana Exhibition at the Australian Museum

Students will explore the brand new, permanent, exhibition at the AM curated and managed by Manager of Pasifika Collections and Engagement, Melissa Malu.

“Delve into the ties Pasifika peoples have with the past, each other and the environment, in this new permanent exhibition. Wansolmoana – meaning One Salt Ocean – reflects the cultural significance of the immense body of water that connects the islands and people across the Pacific region. It blends the wisdom of Ancestors with the voices of the present to ensure a vibrant legacy for future generations.” – Australian Museum 

The exhibition encompasses 19 Pacific nations and acquaints visitors with the culture of 32 Pacific communities from Australia and the wider region.


The Australian Museum has generously provided funding for the transportation and lunch for the students and teachers.

SWC and the AM are excited to continue this partnership, aiming to positively influence young lives in our community. We anticipate that this collaboration will not only benefit the students but also strengthen ties between SWC and the AM, as well as the broader South West Sydney and Pacific communities.

  • Start Date - End Date

    Dec 13 2023 - Dec 13 2023
  • Start Time - End Time

    09:00AM - 15:00PM
  • Location

    Australian Museum (1 William Street, Sydney NSW 2010)