SWC works with students, parents, educators and businesses to help students throughout primary and high school. We deliver a suite of programs that focus on building employability skills and gaining experience to help young people prepare for success at school and in the future, to secure productive jobs that match their interests and abilities.

SWC’s Early Intervention Programs (for ages 10-13 or Years 5 & 6) are crucial to influencing life-long employment outcomes, data shows if we positively influence their perception of worklife and employment options before they form a negative view in high school, they will be more focussed on achieving their career goals because they will know who/what/where to go for support and advice.

Dare to Dream and STEP up to Success are examples of SWC programs that contribute to successful transition from primary to high school by improving resilience, problem solving, communication and responsible decision making; this builds employability skills like perseverance, collaboration and self-control which leads to improved physical and mental health, academic achievement, career success and happiness in life. A Career Explorer Industry Tour is the capstone component of each program. These are called Aspirational Future Links Tours when participants are in primary school.

SWC Partners with local employers to deliver the Career Explorer Industry Tours, a guided, interactive excursion where students (aged 11-19) visit and meet future employers onsite to learn about the different skills, attributes and other requirements for the role/industry. These Work Immersion/Inspiration style sessions include workshops, Speed Networking, team activities and mentoring by staff to gain work related experiences.

This leaves a lasting impression on the students and increases engagement, helping them to link what is learned in the classroom and how it can be applied in the world of work. Students who do not have positive work role models and face the cycle of disadvantage and welfare dependency noticeably benefit from these tours.

Please click on the links to download the PDF documents that provide further insights into each of SWC’s Early Intervention initiatives that work with students to build employability skills for successful transition from primary to high school and ultimately leading towards a rewarding career that matches their skills and interests.