SWC’s collaboration with RIEP (Regional Industry Education Partnership) and EPPP (Educational Pathways Pilot Program) helps students gain work skills for life beyond high school. These include a range of Career Explorer and Work Immersion programs that assist with career decision making and transition to work (including the student restaurant takeover projects: Class Chefs and Student Pop Up Café).

The Educational Pathways Pilot Program (EPPP) is an innovative program designed to give students a better sense of what lies beyond the school gates, and provide them with more personalised and targeted careers advice by:
• Helping students into school-based apprenticeships and traineeships through mentoring and support
• Expanding opportunities for school students to engage with fee-free VET Smart & Skilled programs
• Strengthening careers advice and job-ready life skills for young people

In addition to the Careers Immersion Teams cluster meetings, SWC also participates in the Industry Engagement Working Group which is the steering committee to enhance the EDGE for work pilot. The EPPP’s objective aligns with SWC’s aim to improve the quality of, and access to careers information and advice for young people in our region. This is also why SWC contributes to the Careers and Transitions Advisers Network to enhance career advisor capacity and capability and industry engagement to new cohorts, particularly in Years 8 to 10, in addition to Years 11 and 12.

Please click on the links to download information about SWC’s programs and initiatives that support students in career exploration, career decision making and transition to work.