Connecting Youth to Business and Community

Since 2006, SWC has created strong working relationships with local businesses, community organisations and schools to assists approximately 8,000 young people annually to access employment, education, training and

recreational opportunities so they can become economic, social and civic contributors in their community. SWC has also established strong and trusted relationships with thousands of stakeholders.

Businesses, schools and community groups have acknowledged that their main reasons for engaging with SWC is due to our professional, efficient and innovative approach. Together with our strong understanding of local issues and challenges, we can work more effectively with stakeholders to create positive, sustainable and impactful outcomes relevant to local young people. SWC actively supports and contributes to local initiatives that enhance and strengthen our programs within Fairfield, Liverpool and Holroyd through our strong community and industry connections.

If you or your organisation would like to know more about our initiatives, or if you can provide any assistance to current projects, or even a new project proposal to help our local youth, please contact us.