What we do

We work with young people aged 5-25 years and their families primarily from low socio-economic, CALD, refugee and migrant backgrounds facing challenges of disengagement, generational unemployment and welfare dependency.

SWC aims to ensure young people vulnerable to these challenges are supported and have a strong foundation to build their futures. We do this by addressing social and wellbeing barriers, and obstacles impeding on education and employment outcomes.

Through our collaboration and established networks across the education, business and community sectors, we have created over 67,000 workplacements and 100 sustainable cross sector initiatives and partnerships that focus on health & wellbeing, youth unemployment, employability skills, transition & pathway options that will allow young people to become economic, social and civic contributors in their community.

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Current Programs

SWC assists young people to gain the skills, experience and professional guidance to help them achieve a successful transition through school, and from school to further education, training or employment. We work with a combined number of 150 primary, high, independent, Catholic and special purpose schools across the region.

SWC annually broadens approximately 8,000 young people’s horizon under two key programs:

Workplacement Program

We source and organise over 5,000 placements annually for all the schools and TAFEs in our region. These placements are provided by volunteer employers/businesses enablig valuable practical workplace experience.

Workplacement is a one week placement in businesses to enhance students skills learned in the classroom. All Year 11 and 12 students studying a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course for the HSC must complete a mandatory component of 70 hours workplace learning, 35 hours in Year 11 and another 35 hours in Year 12.

Workplacement Team

Youth Collective Impact Initiatives

We work with schools, community organisations, local clubs and businesses to help young people discover pathways to a better future by enriching their educational, social and employment potential.

SWC empowers young people to gain the skills, experiences and professional guidance to help them achieve a successful transition through school to further education, training or employment and become active and valuable contributors in the community.

If you or your organisation would like to know more about our initiatives, or if you can provide any assistance to current projects, or even a new project proposal to help our local youth, please contact us.

Youth Collective Impact Team